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Employee Wellbeing

COVID Compliance Officer: Over 10,000 Jobs on LinkedIn

Risk and compliance. Operations. Human Resources. Safety coordinators. Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, some of these roles come with “COVID” before the title. Here’s why.
Employee Wellbeing

Essential Guide to Help Prevent COVID-19 Workplace Spread

What can we — entrepreneurs, employers, HR managers — do to combat the COVID-19 spread? Where can we find all the relevant information? Is there anything more we can do?
Smart Sanitizer

Smart Sanitizer: Digital Transformation for Office Hygiene

What smart sanitizers have to do with the employee well-being and their overall experience? Is it possible to cut operational costs with the assistance of smart devices?

SANI.AI Supports the Berlin Homeless Aid

SANI.AI provided hand sanitizer to Berliner Obdachlosenhilfe to help those in need stay more healthy.
Employee Wellbeing

Pandemic: How to Assist Employees Returning from Travel?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work but it couldn’t change it for too long. At least not in terms of keeping everyone in their homes.

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