isk and compliance. Operations. Human Resources. Safety coordinators. Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, some of these roles come with “COVID” before the title. Here’s why. 

Risk and compliance. Operations. Human Resources. Safety coordinators. Since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, some of these roles come with “COVID” before the title. Here’s why. 

Variety describes the case of Love in the Time of Corona, one of the very first productions to be filmed amid a shutdown. The production had to have a safety coordinator on set—a job that, it seems, will be the new standard of movie-making going forward. 

While the title may vary, the position is here to stay. As described in the aforementioned article, it would be hard to ensure compliance and implementation of proper protocols for anyone who needs to work with a group of people in a physical setting. 

COVID-19: Take Care of Your Team With Proper Protocols

Variety points out that there are various online seminars for individuals willing to receive proper qualifications to become coronavirus-compliant. Just a quick Google search reveals at least a couple of worthwhile options that cover training, practical tips, and advice for a structured and safe transition. Usually, the courses focus on identifying work activities or situations that might cause transmission. Candidates then learn how to carry out COVID-19 risk assessments, understand the key steps to manage the COVID-19 return-to-work process, and understand the role of hygiene and sanitization. 

The target audience includes HR professionals, team leaders, HSE professionals, operations, line, and asset managers, and more—essentially, anyone that is responsible for any group of people can take part and benefit from these educational resources. 

There are also webinars aimed specifically at film, music, and photoshoot production professionals. “Shoots are often places where food is shared, people work closely with one another, and social distancing is often not possible.”

What to Look for in COVID-19 Compliance Officer?

The sole purpose of this new position is to institute and oversee safety protocols at the workplace. What’s important is that a person in this role needs to be included in the entire planning and production process. After all, it’s not only about being compliant with regulations but about getting as close as possible to guaranteeing a safe set for all stakeholders. 

June 12, 2020, was the first day that the COVID-10 Compliance Officer appeared as an official title. 

Then again, how to actually validate the skills of your new hire, or how to ensure your current team skill extension? Wrapbook prepared a useful summary that we’ve expanded with additional resources:  

Health Education Services (HES)
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Screenshot of the Health Education Services website

A two-hour long course that costs 50 USD and is considered one of the most comprehensive materials currently available. Currently, the course is presented as a webinar through a out more third-party platform called BigMarker, and new class times openings happen on demand. 

World Health Organization (WHO)
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Screenshot of the Open WHO COVID-19 courses

The World Health Organization operates OpenWHO.org, a growing learning community with over four million course enrolments. All the courses are available for free and cover a vast range of topics such as long-term care facilities in the context of COVID-19 or mass gatherings risk assessment trainings. It’s an incredible, broad, diverse, and multilingual resource for virtually anyone. 

Johns Hopkins University
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Screenshot of the John Hopkins COVID-19 courses

Johns Hopkins University offers a free COVID-19 contact tracing course covering the science behind SARS-CoV-2 “including the infectious period, the clinical presentation (...), and the evidence of how [the virus] is transmitted from person-to-person and why contact tracing can be an effective public health intervention.”

Preventing and Controlling COVID-19
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Screenshot of the Xi'An Jiaotong University COVID-19 courses

Xi’An Jiaotong University—one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in China—proposes a course on self-protection awareness on the foundation of scientific knowledge of COVID-19.

Communicating During Global Emergencies
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Screenshot of the Emory University global emergencies communication courses

Put together by Emory University, the Rollins School of Public Health, and the CDC’s Division of Global Health Protection, Emergency Response, and Recovery Branch, the course introduces concepts and principles of communicating during a global crisis or emergency. 

COVID-19 Prevention Training
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Screenshot of the COVID-19 Prevention Tracking courses

Contract Services Administration Trust Fund offers a training programme that is legally required for individuals covered by an IATSE West Coast Studio Local Agreement or Basic Crafts Agreement before returning to work.

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Screenshot of the OSHA COVID-19 courses

COVID-19 awareness course on symptoms, transmission, and prevention methods bundled into 8 modules, recommended for professionals working in the food service, manufacturing, agriculture, cosmetology, warehousing, and distribution industries.

How Does a Job Offer for a COVID-19 Response Officer Look Like? 

A quick LinkedIn search for “covid” results in almost 8,000 job offerings worldwide. Browsing through them, one can learn the the key duties of individuals responsible for coronavirus compliance include (but are not limited to) inspecting and spot checking business to ensure that proper measures are in place, dealing with enquiries and complaints from the members of the public, safeguarding and enforcing policies in line with current COVID-19 guidelines, or educating individuals in regards to physical distancing. 

Some of the offers also include bits on “carrying out research and policy analysis”, developing concept notes and action plans, or designing strategies in issues relating to various aspects of governance and infrastructure. 

More than once we can also spot a “COVID Marshall” title in the job advertisements that relate to construction sites. Duties include daily hygiene cleaning, physical distancing enforcement, or assisting the site manager.

Should My Organization Hire a COVID-19 Compliance Officer? 

There is no definite answer to this queestion; if your organization is legally required to employ a coronavirus compliance specialist, then yes. If it is not regulated, then you could technically do just as well without one. 

Ultimately, it all comes down to detailed risk assessment and the way you and your business work. With small digital agencies or software houses that operate remotely, there is probably no need for an official COVID-19 Compliance Officer position. Detailed communication and self-awareness are more than enough in this case. 

However, businesses that do operate in the physical world, should take extra precautions to care for their people—and even having an existing team member expand their knowledge with one of the courses listed above can make a whole world of difference.

Oct 13, 2020
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