Connected hand hygiene for the modern office

SANI.AI protects your team both in office and on-the-go. Show your employees that you care about them, regardless of where they are.


The world's first all-in-one sanitizer solution

SANI.AI is the only all-in-one smart sanitizer that protects your employees regardless of where they work. It also provides you with real-time data for compliance.

Great companies trust us to protect their staff

SANI's job is to ensure sustainable hand sanitization and increase workplace hygiene.

Let SANI join your team

Sanitization is our social responsibility—but what if it could be more? What if it could be perceived as an employee benefit? We’ve combined the natural need of caring for one another with a product that makes it easier and more rewarding to do so.

Decrease operational costs

€5 per person a month, no maintenance fees, and no operational overhead.

Drastically increase the level of comfort

With 5,000 sanitizations per recharge and an automatic subscription, SANI.AI is a system that doesn't require you to care about it.

Seriously, SANI never runs out of gel

Our automatic subscription with an extremely easy installation allows you to limit the time required for maintenace to a little more than a minute per month

It's also fully compliant

SANI.AI supports your compliance efforts by generating reports on its own and displaying real-time data in your administrator dashboard.

One last thing: SANI smart bottles are just awesome

With the company-wide incentive to limit single plastic usage, your contribute to a greater good. Plus, we guarantee your staff will love the SANI.AI bottles.

We took care of compliance

SANI Smart Hand Sanitization for Offices

The SANI team not only cares about sustainability but also a variety of compliance challenges you have to face. Leave your email below to receive our extensive hand sanitization compliance report.

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