Frequently Asked Questions

About SANI

Where is SANI based?

SANI is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with our own production facilities across Europe. Our products combined cutting-edge German design with our own in-house manufacturing capabilities for ethanol-based gel hand sanitizer, so you never need to worry about supply running out. Click here to learn more about us.

What type of hand sanitizer does SANI provide?

SANI’s hand sanitizer formulation guarantees a minimum alcohol content of 80% to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. Our formula adheres to the World Health Organization’s global guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare, our fragrance-free gel formula has a shelf life of up to 36 months from the time it ships from our own in-house production facility.

How is SANI different from a normal hand sanitizer dispenser?

SANI offers significant added value over normal hand sanitizer dispensers. First, SANI saves our clients time, effort and money, simply because our refills work more efficiently. Each one is enough for 10,000 individual sanitizations compared to 600 from your average wall or stand dispenser, so you spend less time sourcing refills and topping up, and save by buying direct from the producer, in bulk. Second, our smart dispenser does individual sanitizations and tops up reusable bottles all in one - so you cover employee needs at work and on the go, while reducing plastic waste. And lastly, SANI introduces data and intelligence into your workplace sanitization system, so tracking usage, staying on top of your workforce’s needs, and ensuring compliance to any workplace hygiene policies you may have can all be done through a simple digital interface that integrates seamlessly with your own office systems.

Pricing and Plans

Must I buy a plan, or is it possible to purchase the SANI dispenser and refills separately?

As SANI refills take the form of cartridges that have been custom-made to easily plug-in to our devices, buying dispensers and refills separately is not recommended. However, if you would like to try the SANI Smart Sanitizer System before signing up for a plan, you can do so by taking advantage of our special introductory offer to enjoy a two-month trial of the SANI Smart Sanitizer System for a discounted rate. Find out more here.

How does SANI compare to other sanitizer solutions in terms of price?

SANI was designed for cost and resource efficiency, with each unit able to perform 10,000 individual sanitizations - enough to last an organization of 100 employees an entire month. This allows our customers to provide on-premise and bottled hand sanitizer for their employees all for as low as 5.99 € per person a month - a fraction of the cost of the usual stand dispensers and bottled sanitizer for your workforce, without the hassle of regular restocking.

Can I change my plan?

Customers SANI-flex plans can easily change their existing plan to our more cost efficient SANI-plus tier. While it is not possible for SANI-plus customers to downgrade their plan, customers can rest assured that both the SANI dispenser and all unused refills can continue to be used after the end of the subscription period.

Can I change the number of devices I have on an active plan if my needs change?

Should you require additional SANI dispensers, you can easily order them on a plan most suited to your needs, and not all devices need to be on the same plan. It is also possible to cancel your plan, which you can read more about below.

Can I cancel my plan?

SANI-flex plans can be cancelled with 30 days notice, straight from your digital SANI dashboard. Customers who would like to cancel a SANI-plus plan may also do so, but will be required to pay a cancellation fee valued at 60% of the outstanding value of the plan.

How how many SANIs do I need for my office?

On a full charge, each SANI provides a month’s supply of hand sanitizer for up to 100 employees. That said, this is just a general guide as the number of SANI dispensers needed will also vary with the number of floors in your office, as well as the proportion of your staff that are based in the office, rather than at home. To get a more accurate estimate, try our simple SANI calculator, or get in touch with a member of our team.

Do you have a price list for additional add-ons?

Yes, you can find a price list for additional reusable bottles and extra refill cartridges here.

Do I get to keep the SANI dispenser?

SANI-flex and SANI-plus plans include the purchase of the SANI dispenser, meaning you do get to keep it even after your subscription ends. Only customers doing our two-month SANI trial will need to return their SANI dispensers at the end of the trial period..

Orders and Delivery

What payment options are available?

We accept payment by credit card or Paypal, and can also issue monthly invoices straight to your Accounting department.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery of the SANI dispenser and all refill cartridges is included for destinations within continental Europe. For international orders, please contact us to find out if delivery to your region is possible.

Where do you deliver?

SANI dispensers and refills can be delivered anywhere within continental Europe. For international orders, please contact us to find out if delivery to your region is possible. 

How often will the refill cartridges be delivered?

Our subscription plans include regular deliveries of a new refill cartridge on a monthly basis. Should you experience higher usage, you will be able to order an additional refill at the cost of 399 €, shipping inclusive.

Refills and Reorders

What if I run out of sanitizer before the end of the month?

Thanks to our built-in digital dashboard, you’ll be able to stay on top of usage in real time. Because of this, you’ll automatically receive a notification to easily place an order for an additional cartridge before ever running out. Additional cartridges cost 399 €, shipping inclusive.

How big is a refill cartridge, and how long does it last?

SANI’s proprietary refill cartridges are designed for efficiency with a large, 20L capacity. This means that each cartridge is enough for 10,000 individual sanitizations—enough to last an organization of 100 employees an entire month.

Can I order smaller cartridges? 

SANI refill cartridges currently come in a single size so our customers can enjoy maximum cost efficiency. If you feel that a 20L cartridge may be more than your organization requires for a month’s use, it is also possible to purchase a SANI dispenser and pay for refills as you need them, so you only order what you need, when you need it, without the commitment of a plan. 

How do I install the refill cartridges?

SANI’s refill cartridges have been designed to literally plug and play, making them as easy to change as plugging in a USB device.

How many reusable bottles do I get with my SANI dispenser?

All our plans come with 100 reusable bottles that can be distributed to employees so they continue to have a ready supply of hand sanitizer on the go. 

How big are the reusable bottles?

All reusable bottles are 100 ml in size. 

Can I get the bottles in another size?

We currently only offer reusable bottles in 100 ml formats.

Can I use my own reusable bottles instead?

The SANI Smart Sanitizer System is designed to detect the difference between individual touchless hand sanitizations, and bottle refills based on RFID technology. This means that only SANI supplied reusable bottles with our RFID technology built in will be able to activate the bottle refill function on your SANI dispenser. 

Can I order more reusable bottles?

Of course, additional bottles can be purchased for €39 for an additional twenty 80ml bottles. 

Setup and Maintenance

How do I install SANI? Is installation included in the price?

Once delivered, your SANI dispenser will be ready to use once connected to a power supply and the cartridge plugged in—it’s that simple.

How do I set up my SANI dashboard?

Your SANI dashboard will be automatically linked to the dispensers connected to your organization’s admin account. Simply log in with the details provided to get started.

Can I integrate SANI with my data reporting solutions?

Yes, you can easily integrate and connect SANI with existing reporting systems via their APIs. More guidance on how to do so will be covered in materials provided in our starter pack.

Is the staff training provided?

Yes, each new SANI customer will receive a starter pack with clear instructions and training materials and videos. From installing the hardware, to connecting APIs, this guide will help you set up the SANI Smart Sanitizer System to fit the needs of your workplace.

Do you offer maintenance, support or any sort of warranty for the SANI dispensers?

Yes, all SANI dispensers are covered by a 2-year warranty.