About SANI

SANI provides effortless, scalable and cost-efficient sanitization for your workplace.

SANI.AI smart sanitizer — hand sanitization

Our Story

SANI was founded in the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic to create a technology solution that was intelligent, sustainable and born to help organizations adapt to the new normal.

SANI views workplace hygiene as a long-term business imperative, which is why we have created the world’s first self-managing smart sanitizer system.

The Next Generation in Workplace Hygiene

As we gradually return to a new normal, making employees feel safe to return to work is business-critical for any organization.

Remote work, new workplace etiquette and policies, are today’s new realities. This is why we invented SANI Smart Sanitizer System which uses the power of data so that you can easily scale up when demand surges and track usage against your own hygiene policies.

German Design and Manufacturing

SANI combines this data-driven approach with the best of German ingenuity. Built by some of the top designers in Germany’s automotive industry, and fuelled by a partnership with one of Europe’s leading innovators in the production of bio-ethanol racing fuels, SANI is a technology you can trust, backed by our own fully-owned production and supply capabilities that ship direct to you.

Good for the Bottom Line, and the Planet

SANI’s dual-functionality means our RFID-enabled sanitizer bottles are reused again and again, saving 4,000 plastic bottles going into landfill each year. With large-format refill cartridges, you’ll save more by buying direct, in bulk, and reduce your company’s ecological footprint.Want to know more?

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